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Web Design and SEO at E-foreknowledge

E-Foreknowledge in Birmingham is the leading web design and seo service provider. We are a professional web design company offering tailor-made web solutions with high quality web design that meet surpass the expectation of our clients. If you are looking for an experienced web design company in Birmingham, then look no further!!! By supporting you with professional web design services and a wealth of experience from experienced and knowledgeable staff we can ensure that you receive the right advice and correct solution.

Our web designers and developers in Birmingham will personalise the design of your website to meet your requirements. Our aim is to improve your businesses profile by means of website design and understanding through effective use of technology. Rather than blitz you with the latest industry technologies, we offer sound advice and solutions in web design that will work for your company and its current place in the market.

To achieve this we have three areas. Web solutions, Social media integration (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn) and online marketing (SEO, Email marketing, PPC).

All three areas of a wonderful synergy. The current gap between being on the web and actually understanding its benefits is sometimes huge. With effective training, we can help bridge this gap, and therefore help you build better solutions. We have done web design for various firms in and around birmingham, which you can find it in portfolio. Our portfolio shows you various types of website designs and based on our service there were clients outside birmingham who comes to us for web design and internet marketing. Like you, we also want your business to succeed further, your success is our success.

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Stages of Web Design

About E-foreknowledge:

E-Foreknowledge in Birmingham is the leading web design and SEO service provider. We are a professional web design company offering tailor-made web solutions with high quality web design that meet surpass the expectation of our clients. If you are looking for an experienced web design company in Birmingham, then look no further!!!

Our web designers and developers in Birmingham will personalize the design of your website to meet your requirements. Our aim is to improve your businesses profile by means of website design and understanding through effective use of technology.

Stages of Web Design:

At E-foreknowledge, Birmingham, we know there’s no time to waste in getting your web presence up and running. So we have come up with four efficient stages to streamline our processes:

  • Vision
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Launch


Our process starts with client consultation, where we connect with your company’s culture, services and/or products, branding, business objectives, and expectations. With this vital information, we construct the foundation of your new digital solution, determining visual and technical needs, as well as goals and objectives.

Website Design:

After devising potential solutions, we develop site architecture and navigation structure. We then proceed with the design of user interfaces, graphic content and multimedia elements. At this stage, we offer secure access to works in progress for client review and feedback.

Web Development:

With client approval of the design direction, E-foreknowledge in Birmingham, begin web development, coding and implementation of backend technology. Your database is then integrated with the web site. Advanced multimedia and interactive production are finalised, and your content is added to your site. At this point, you have beta site access. And yes, feedback is encouraged.


After final approval, your site is transferred to its final destination on our server. Quality Assurance testing is conducted and any resulting alterations are made. Your site is then set for deployment. Once live, we will monitor the web site for complications.

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/Web-Design.html

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About E-foreknowledge

e-foreknowledge was conceived in 1999, and the company was set up in June 2000. e-foreknowledge is a company dedicated to supplying web design, online marketing and other IT services to business. Our aim is to improve businesses and understanding through effective use of technology. We offer sound advice and solutions that will work for your company and its current place in the market.

Services @ e-foreknowledge:

Web Designing:
The Web Designing Procees Starts with the Client Consultation, were we can connect with your company culture, service and products. With These Information we construct a web solution thats satisfies your need and reach the objective. Content Managed Website Solution plays a major part in web designing, were it enables the website owner to create, manage and publish content to a their website without involving technical experts.

Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing are critical components when consulting with a professional web design company. We Service as such a website can reach anyone in the world who has Internet access. This allows you to find new markets and compete globally for only a small investment. By means of SEO, we make your profile also personalised so that to increase the market effectively.

Gaining control and optimising warehouse space is critical in today’s fast moving, cost aware business environment, and the Echo SCM Apparel Management software at e-foreknowledge provides exactly that.Active customer development is key to the partnerships which e-foreknowledge forges with its clients and encourages feedback via informal site visits. These commitments, alongside a strategy of product research and development, ensure e-foreknowledge remains at the forefront of solutions provision and that customers benefit year on year through their investment in echoSCM software.

Print Service:
We provide lithographic and digital printing services. We have experienced designers who can offer advice and help so you can achieve the results you are looking for. We deliver lithographic printing and digital printing daily to customers all over the UK.

Corporate branding and identity are one of the most important investments a company can make. A brand is a visual, emotional, and cultural image surrounding a company.Branding is the process of creating, broadcasting and circulating your brand name. It can be applied to your entire corporate identity as well as to individual products and services. This includes everything from corporate logos to business cards and stationary to packaging to advertisements and to positioning.

Source : http://purchaseonweb.blogspot.com/2011/01/e-foreknowledge-professional-software.html

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Web Design in all its Glory
Visuals in combination with design normally work well together. However, when dealing with web design, visuals are not the only thing considered to be successful for the site. Several other elements contribute to the success of the design of the website and superb visuals are only one of them.
Integrating Highlights
What is called a highlight? Simply put, it is something which stands out. For instance, if there are several visuals on the website, then something should be there to help them stand out. It may be a catch phrase which is well-written or a highlighted image. This will help to get a user to focus on what you believe is important. Usually, the website’s key message is highlighted more and above all else.
The Ideal Colour Combination
Ever been to a site that did not seem interesting yet you felt motivated to look through it anyway? Don’t wonder too much. It was the combination of various colours on the website that did the trick. A website’s design must have the ideal selection of colours and should work well with the available information on the site. Particular colour schemes work well with specific types of websites. Only the colours that depict the concept of what you have on your website should be chosen; if the website is for ecommerce purposes, the colours will motivate visitors into making positive decisions.
Inspiring Call-to-Action Buttons
Whether a site is marketing services or products or is providing information on a particular subject, majority of sites online include call-to-action buttons. If this button is inspiring then half your job is already half done. The call-to-action buttons should be able to make the kind of positive impact that encourages a visitor to click them. The purpose of the website is not adequately accomplished if a visitor ignores or does not notice these buttons.
The aforementioned are only a few of the several elements that is essential in successful web design. When you place all your focus on the design of the website, it is the same as placing all your eggs in the one basket. You are required to spread out the dependency of the success of the website to other aspects of it. This essentially means that if you make an error with particular elements, then the other elements will come in handy to provide you with the success you are seeking. A website design which is custom-made is the key for making sure that you utilize different and various elements which contribute to the success of your website by making adequate impression on the visitors’ mind.  Have a looking at www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk for more information about web design in Birmingham or website design in Birmingham, UK.
If you are looking for further information or would like to speak to someone regarding your web design strategy and you are based in Birmingham then give e-forkenowledge a call for a free consultation.

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Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding is a process of promoting the company name as a product brand. This will help the company  to compete in the business environment. Corporate branding helps to make the product or the company familiar with the public. Hence this Corporate Branding acts as a Advertising media for the companies. This corporate branding can be applied to individual products and services or the entire corporate indentity. Failing to do corporate branding for the products or the company will result in downturn.
If an individual owns and starts a company, then he will surely prefer to promoting the business and products to the public. Once the product name is familiar with the people, then automatically the newly launched products also gets promoted by its own, this can be done only through corporate branding. Corporate branding can be carried out through print media and advertsing, some of the brand identity are Corporate logos, Business cards, Business Startionary, Signages, Brochures, Company slogans, and Positioning. These brand identity makes the company or the product in good position. Corporate branding should be used effectively else it may affect the company or the brand name. This corporate branding can be done by ourself or by hiring an agency. Campaigning corporate identity by own may also give negative results and hence hiring agency is the best way to advertise your company. The main benefit of hiring agencies is time consumption but final solution will be effective. These agencies are the experts who will design a branding strategy in accordance to your company by doing Research and Development.
There are online service providers for corporate branding who offer a complete advertising campaign to promote your business or products or the services. And I suggest and prefer, www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk, is the right place to get a Tailor-made and affordable corporate branding solution. They research and develop new strategy in accordance to the business and start to promte it through advertising campaigns such as corporate logos, business cards, brochures, company slogans, etc. E-Foreknowledge builds a brand in a fixed budget and promote your brand name within limited time. Hence make your company brand through corporate branding to compete with the other competitors.

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Businesses have modified their methods of communication and the way they operate to accommodate interaction with getting involved with social media marketing. This is used as a way of getting in touch with consumers by way of the internet. Businesses are aware that the internet is powerful and is an ideal location for public gathering. Social media is considered as a way to maintain a firm relationship with customers that already exist and in the meantime gaining possible customers.
In case you are wondering what makes LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing adequate for businesses, it is the simple fact that customers can be reached from all walks and areas of life. Businesses are able to adapt to the different needs of communities and countries. One of the major advantages of social media marketing is that they can adapt themselves to language differences. Because of this, it is quite easy to advertise and to reach subscribers from various languages from all over the world from behind a computer screen.
Another significant asset provided by social media marketing is the capability of businesses to divide customers in accordance to age, sex, location etc. This affords them the opportunity to get to every single section of the population. Companies can use the information relating to the different segments to make alterations or develop products to suit the needs of all the segments.
While Facebook marketing is more limited to social gathering of a friendly nature, other social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter are considered to be more business-centered. Facebook provides the opportunity to develop FanPages to attract companies and brands.  The features on this page are majorly different from the other Facebook pages because it is oriented towards only business activities. However, Twitter and LinkedIn essentially target business experts as well as their customers. As an indication of the importance of LinkedIn in the business process, it is reported that this social media harbours more than 70 million officially-registered users; it has been expanded into about 200 countries and is designed to display different languages namely French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
When email marketing is compared with social media marketing, it will be noticed that sites involved in social networking such as Twitter drives conversion rate to a higher level. Rather than sending emails to the hundreds of thousands of internet users who may not even know about the company, it is easier and more successful to tweet the endless number of Twitter fans who follow the company who may eventually become consumers.
A powerful search tool on Twitter called ‘Tweep search’ is offered free of cost. This provides the opportunity of searching and finding bio-data in accordance to particular keywords. For instance, a search keyword of a company could be the products that the company is marketing. At this point, it is possible to send friend requests to the search result content which further expose the product to a certain section of the community who may be interested.   Have a looking at www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk for more information about social media in Birmingham or Facebook marketing in Birmingham, UK.
If you are looking for further information or would like to speak to someone regarding your social media strategy and you are based in Birmingham then give e-forkenowledge a call for a free consultation.

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