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Apparel Software

Gaining control and optimizing  warehouse space is critical in today’s fast moving, cost aware business environment, and the Echo SCM Apparel Management software provides exactly that.

Apparel Software, Garment Software, Textile Software, Wardrobe Management Software, Uniform Management Software and Clothing Software solution are the one that delivers a best practice approach to supporting our customer’s core business processes. At E-foreknowledge Apparel and Garment Software Solutions developing continuously with advance technology and evolving business requirements in multi-faces sectors.

Our philosophy is to achieve the correct balance between change and consistency and to continually evolve and improve our solutions, ultimately keeping our users ahead of their rivals in:

  • Online services
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance

Active customer development is key to the partnerships which e-foreknowledge forges with its clients and encourages feedback via informal site visits. These commitments, alongside a strategy of product research and development, ensure e-foreknowledge remains at the forefront of solutions provision and that customers benefit year on year through their investment in echoSCM software.

Installed in a number of businesses, echoSCM is the premier software package for the Distribution/Wholesale/Manufacturing in the Textile, Garment and Shoe Industry. Benefits include:- Efficient response to customers needs by holding of correct and moving stock. Optimisation of Stock Levels, Reduced cost per transaction, Increased Cash flow & Profitability, Flexible and Proven Solution

echo SCM modules include

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Finished Stock
  • Stock Control
  • Wardrobe Management (man packing)
  • Accounts
  • Warehouse Management
  • e-commerce

echo SCM for

  • Apparel Software
  • Apparel Management Software
  • Textile Software
  • Garment Software
  • Wardrobe Management Software
  • Uniform Management Software
  • Clothing Software
  • ERP Software

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/Software_Services.html


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