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Best SEO Tool

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a vital role in branding and Online marketing. Any start-ups or experience companies are suggested to have a website and most of the website owners, without knowing the need or the website, they just own it. But there are lot behind website and the first thing is driving traffic, improving online business, increasing branding, analyzing ROI and improving it.

So driving traffic to the website and maintaining it is not an easiest way since the ROI calculation, traffic rate, search queries, back-links can be checked with  the so called “SEO Tools“. Here E-foreknowledge on a research of SEO tools, found certain important URL’s and their tools which can be used in analyzing the website completely with regards to SEO. below are the list of SEO tool, that each webmaster should be known,


Google Analytics:

This must be the best tool for analyzing day-to-day website traffic, search queries, visits, bounce rate, etc. Using this, we can enhance the SEO works of the website and improve its SERP.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

Google keyword Planner falls to be the effective tool when it comes to find the best and targeted keyword for a website with its competition and search volumes. This helps to insert the keywords into the content in accordance to SEO.

SEO Book:

SEO Book offers various SEO tools on their site, and as long as you create a free account with them you will receive unlimited access to a variety of tools including a keyword suggestion tool, link suggestion tool, and spider test tool, among others.

Open Site Explorer:

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is an awesome tool for helping you find back link to help your site’s link building strategy. Open Site Explorer enables you to research your competitors’ backlink profiles by simply analyzing their domains.

Search Metrics:

Search Metrics has a host of tools and a track record of success when it comes to boosting their clients’ SERP rankings. Plus, Search Metrics also has a social analytics tool that allows you to track the activity and success of social media campaigns on networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

Majestic SEO:

Majestic offers several free options for users, as well as an SEO API, which offers much of its backlink data for free. Majestic SEO stands front when it comes for crawling, backlinks, keyword research, etc.


One of the most effective ways to climb the ranks of the SERPs is to increase your on-site user engagement, which is what Infocc was built for. With the most recent batch of algorithm updates, Google has placed a heavy emphasis on “user engagement” metrics such as time on page, social sharing, comments and targets your readers to deliver those results.

Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-rampton/11-hot-seo-tools-every-pu_b_5526597.html


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Content Marketing

E-foreknowledge on reading about some article about SEO and other internet marketing stuffs, found an interesting fact which can also be mentioned as a Loophole in SEO. We couldn’t make it, whether it is a solution or not but it acts as an important part of Online marketing, which is so called as “Content – The King“.


While turning back its been a long travel were initially search engines don’t list website with any formulations, it was easier to get online results by writing website for search engines for online users. And at certain point of time, Google formulated an algorithm, in Feb’ 2011, where the first Google Panda algorithm released to help the audience provide right results without any spammy links. Then after 14 months after the release of panda, First Penguin Algorithm was released which focused on link building and content spamming. This lead many webmasters to think out-of-the box and implement new things to stay on the SERP, many thought SEO was dead, but they forgot there is something hidden behind these updates. And the actual fact is, SEO has evolved to the next stage and getting more professional.

None knows the formula how the search engine gets lists its website, if it is known, many webmasters would be jobless. So webmasters try doing  different approach towards SEO for getting listed in Search Engine Ranking Pages, once they achieved their traffic or ROI, they would suggest their formula of getting traffic in various communities and social media’s, but this won’t works out for all website, since there is been many points for a website to get ranked. This is how we concentrate on promoting website for each algorithm change.

But there is still simple formula for a website to getting listed and sustain its ranking. SEO today is to focus and find the audience intention instead of simply doing keyword analysis, website or competitor analysis. Know your website need, Know about audience intention towards the keyword and at last Content Marketing – Which makes the audience to come and stay with us. The actual purpose why audience use search engine is to get the right information through the so called “CONTENT“. Normally webmasters focus on targeted audience rather than global scale which is the main advantage and hence profiling with content marketing which falls in the first priority with regards to SEO, and also it is accepted to be the Future of SEO.

“Best the content marketing, Best the ROI”

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Know how Google search works?

Eforeknowledge, a leading SEO Agency in birmingham, London finds an amusing thing over internet about how google search works, how they lists website, On what priority google takes website in SERP, etc.

Eforeknowledge has shared Matt Cutts video below, where he explains about how search works  and lists website on search engines.

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SEO Merging with Social Media Marketing

E-foreknowledge found the modern approach in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with Social Media Marketing. Digital Marketing is getting reliant on social human interaction to introduce products to the customers. But the ultimate goal of Internet marketer is to increase the brand visibility with the most effective social media marketing online-marketing-map-terms-24847238campaigns, which would make the relevant t the customers. The modern SEO approach is to target consumers in a group to take notice of a brand which leads to social digital marketing success. The important part of SEO wit Social media marketing are,

1. Targeting Search Engine Results Pages:

SEO plays a vital role in Social Media Marketing Campaigns with SERP. There is a correlation between the appearance of a brand on search engine result page and ability of a search engine user to recall such brand. Hence the brands appearing high on search engines will be automatically noticeable by the consumers or the users. This would lead brands with Higher SERP to have high reputation and click rate. By doing this,

  • We can control consumers knowledge and perception about the brand.
  • Websites would get high organic traffic
  • Brands with high SERP would increase 10% lift on consumers brand awareness

2. Promoting your brand using different media channel:

One of the modern SEO marketing is to promote your brand in different media channel. Concentrating in Video and image marketing with content marketing campaigns will enhance the reach of search engine optimization system.

  • Understanding targeted consumers behavior and finding out the best media channel which works
  • Optimizing images, videos and presentations will enhance the behavior of brands in media channels
  • Taking SEO marketing to viral level
  • Relevancy, Fresh contents will always help us in SEO and maintain the audience engagement.

3. Leveraging on Google Plus for SEO branding:

Google Plus profile provides significant exposure to the business profiles to the social media community, With the help of Google Plus, we can

  • Improve number of followers by targeting particular group of consumers
  • Growing your link traffic in professional manner
  • Improve your professional authorship across the web

4. Integrating search marketing in promoting brand awareness:

Online marketing services are getting more particular in the integration of search SEO marketing in promoting brand awareness. The targeted consumers now have a better way of searching products or services which is easier using the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

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