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SEO Agency in Birmingham

Many might not be aware that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Online marketing are the critical components of a website. The visibility of website in search engine is detected by various SEO factors such as backlinks, onpage SEO stuffs, social media promotions, etc.

Each search engine has their own formula, the so called ALGORITHM, which determines the website ranking and its visibility in it. Hope webmasters would have known about the algorithm changes such as Panda, Penguin and the recent humming bird, but many would not have noticed the common thing that to be done during the birth of each algorithms Which is LINK BUILDING and CONTENT.

Whatever the algorithm is, these two should be perfect, these acts as a trap for any algorithm and stop affecting the website visibility in SERP. And these can’t be done by a normal Internet marketing and web design company and so here comes the professional Web design and SEO agency in Birmingham who offer a tailor-made website design and perfect SEO that regularly improves ROI for the firm.

Benefits of SEO from a professional SEO agency:

  • Global Reach
  • Traceable and Measurable results
  • One to One marketing
  • Interesting campaigns
  • More conversion rate with less stress
  • Increase in ROI

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/SEO.html


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MagentoGo to Magento Community Migration Service UK

Since Ebay announced, that they gonna shut down Magento Go and ProStores, the disturbed small and medium sized retailers is searching for some professional web design and development company for “MagentoGo Migration Service“.


There might be options to upgrade from Magento Go to Magento Community in the website or at its backend itself, but its not an easy task to handle without any related technical skills. So the best solution is to hire a professional magento website development company to migrate from magento go to magento community.

E-foreknowledge, who has already started doing magento go migration service in UK, for small and medium sized retailers with the happy ending. Satisfied customers appreciate e-foreknowledge for its timely service and affordable rate.

Hope online business retailers would know, that Magento is extremely popular among e-business owners as even Magento Go with some limited features. Once Magento Go Migration is done, customers would have complete access of your online store, right from merchandising, personalising to promoting your products and more. So E-foreknowledge would guide you how to handle products online, how to make website online friendly and more. Through this process, you can attract and retain more customers  and even you can increase ROI (Return On Investment) of the firm. And the more important part of Magento community is Responsive design feature, where customers can view website over the phone, which ill also be done by E-foreknowledge while Magento go to Magento Community Migration.

To help with your Magento Go Migration Service you can contact us at:

17 – 21 Vaughton Street South
West Midlands
B12 0YN

5 Minutes from Birmingham City Centre

Tel: 0871 226 2130 – Fax: 0871 226 2131

Email: info@e-foreknowledge.com

Website : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk

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Migrate your website from MagentoGo or ProStore to Magento Community

Ebay’s important E-commerce platform MAGENTO, is going to shut down its two of its products MagentoGo and ProStores which was designed specifically for small and medium sized retailers. Magento also intimates that the products will go dark on FEB 1’2015 to all its customers via mail and still it will continue to operate and perform normally to provide customer service until February 1, 2015.

In a Statement posted at Magento Community, Mark Lavelle, SVP, Product and Strategy at eBay Enterprise explains, “Changing market requirements” were a significant factor in its decision to close things down. This might be an unfair decision for small and medium sized merchants, but still they can migrate to magento community through the help centers or can approach a leading web design agency.

At E-foreknowledge we specialize in a Magento community platform. We can further help small and medium sized merchants to migrate their present MagentoGo and ProStores to  Magento community with a completely friendly SEO site. This would help the MagentoGo customers to be visible on search engines and compete with large sized merchants.

For a better comparison of MagentoGO and Magento Community, E-foreknowledge sketches a table where you can compare the features of both,


Magento Community Magento Go

Server Limitations

HDD storage

Unlimited (depends on your hosting)

Limited to MAX 5 Gb
Bandwidth Unlimited (depends on your hosting) Limited to MAX 32 Gb

Platform limitations

Number of products (SKU)  Unlimited SKUs Limited to MAX 10,000 SKUs
Number of admin accounts  Unlimited MAX 30 accounts
Multiple languages Unlimited MAX 3
Multi-stores Unlimited Not supported

Extensions and themes

Magento Connect extensions 5000+ extensions 17 extensions in total
Magento themes Thousands of themes 45 themes in total
 Payment methods You can use any payment method from Magento Connect or any custom module 14 methods in total


 How to customize? 100% open source, access to PHTML templates, CSS, JS and XML No access to source code. Access to CSS, JS and admin XML only
 Ability to create development copy  Yes, you can create
development copy for testing
Not possible, all changes should be implemented on live store

Maintenance and Support

Ability to create a backup copy  Possible  Not possible
 Upgrades Semi-automatic, professional support is required  Automatic
 Magento support Partners support, certified Magento developers Free support from Magento


 Access to .htaccess  Full access No access, Magento URL rewrites only
 Access to robots.txt  Full access Full access from Magento admin zone


To help with your migration you can contact us at:

17 – 21 Vaughton Street South
West Midlands
B12 0YN

5 Minutes from Birmingham City Centre

Tel: 0871 226 2130 – Fax: 0871 226 2131

Email: info@e-foreknowledge.com

Website : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk

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