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Mobilegeddon to afffect searches.

Mobilegeddon to afffect searches.

‘Mobilegeddon’ is here – Brace the Change Now or Get Ready for the Wipe Out! The Clock is Ticking… Mobile Search Platform is About to Witness the Biggest Change of the Year…Are You Ready for it?

If Not, Then Here’s a Word of Advice, Catch-Up Now…Or Catch You Later!

Google is all set to introduce its Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update on 21st April 2015- much referred to as ‘Mobilegeddon’. This update will make mobile-friendliness a ‘ranking signal’ for websites competing on a mobile platform. It will impact mobile search results significantly in all languages worldwide.

What to Expect?

The Google Mobile update will automatically improve rankings of websites that offer mobile searchers mobile friendly experience across different platforms, such as tablets and smartphones and similarly, demote sites that don’t, and that too in real-time!

This means if your website is mobile friendly, you can enjoy all these benefits:

  • Improve your mobile website ranking
  • Generate more targeted leads to your website
  • Enjoy increased search engine visibility
  • Compete successfully with other industry players
  • Deliver excellent user experience
  • Improve sales
  • Increase Customer base and much more

Now you can imagine what you will lose if you don’t act upon it now!

Need for Change and Urgency

Google is bringing about this change due to many reasons such as the growing mobile internet browsing trend. This algorithm change is expected to re-define better yet revolutionize the face of competition and user experience on mobile platforms.

According to reliable sources, this change will have a significant impact on mobile search results much bigger than the likes of Google Penguin and Panda. Sites that are not optimized for mobile platforms will see significant decrease in their search engine visibility. And it’s a known fact that ‘search engine visibility’ is the success driver and differentiator on digital turf be it desktop or mobile.

For more insights Google Mobile Update and statistics on the relevance of this update, why you need to act on it now and what you need to do to ensure this change  proves to be a milestone for your business success, read our article “The upcoming Google Algorithm Change Happening on the 21 April 2015.”


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