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Clothing Inventory Software Solution

Gaining control and optimising  warehouse space is critical in today’s fast moving, cost aware business environment, and the Echo SCM Apparel Management software provides exactly that.

Apparel Software, Garment Software, Textile Software, Wardrobe Management Software, Uniform Management Software and Clothing Inventory Software solution are the one that delivers a best practice approach to supporting our customer’s core business processes. At E-foreknowledge Apparel and Garment Software Solutions developing continously with advance technology and evolving business requirements in multi faces sectors.

Clothing Inventory Software Solution

Clothing Inventory Software Solution

The idea behind e-foreknowledge was conceived in 1999, and the company was set up in June 2000 at Birmingham. E-foreknowledge is a company dedicated to supplying web design, online marketing and other IT services to business such as apparel software, uniform management software solutions, corporate uniform solutions, wardrobe management software solutions, clothing inventory software, garment management software solutions and textile software.

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/About_us/Hari.html

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