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Role of Quality Content in Bing Ranking

As google, millions of people use Bing to find the information. Initially, when a user types a search query, search engines gives a list of sites relevant to the search query but its not sure the users get the right information what he/she need?. Most of the content matching this query is low quality and hence these queries like this helps Bing to find authoritative, useful, well written and well presented content.

According to Bing, Three Pillars of Quality Content are,

Authority – Can we trust this content?

When the user searches a query in search engine, its not 100% sure he gets the right information. Hence Bing introduces certain factors that are used to determine the authority of a page. And this includes social networks, cited sources, name recognition and author’s identity.

Utility – Is this content useful and sufficiently detailed?

When considering the utility of the page, it’s not sure the content in the web page is useful and sufficient. Another important criterion in evaluating utility is gauging the effort and level of expertise required to generate the content. Websites serving unique content are preferred to those recycling existing data or widely available materials

Presentation – Is the content well-presented and easy to find?

A well-presented page will have an easy-to-read, accessible design, and will make its primary content easy to find. In contrast, poorly presented websites require the user to wade through introductory or unrelated material to access meaningful content.

Source : http://blogs.bing.com/search-quality-insights/2014/12/08/the-role-of-content-quality-in-bing-ranking/


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Do you know what exactly is the future of Content and SEO?

Here at the E-foreknowledge Web design agency we pride ourselves in our wide range of web services for customers. We specialise in a wide range of services from design to development, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. Recently due to algorithm updates the future of SEO (search engine optimisation) in regards to content and what measures should be taken to stop a decline in ranking.


When the topic of SEO is passed around usually one of factor are heavily discussed whether it is with clients, colleagues or just people that hold the same interest as a SEO specialist. Yes, I am talking about the key component to any site, blog or post known as content!

A majority of us online already know that ‘Content is king’, however, that phrase has evolved over time alongside search engine optimisation. What I mean is that before it was all about the QUANTITY of your content, but now it is about QUALITY. Some sites even get penalised by new algorithms because of the dubious amounts of low quality content they have on their pages. This was done to help out people searching for a particular site but ended up finding a site with a monumental amount of badly written content (if you have ever come across this you realise that it can be extremely frustrating at times).

Writing SEO friendly content is not hard to do, it does not have to be a large prose that goes on and on. SEO friendly content is just a body of text, images and media that is created with the thought of how a search engine might see it content. However with that being said, your content should always be written for your audience first and foremost and then balance it out to make it SEO friendly.

The future of SEO and content relies in meshing audience friendly content and SEO friendly content together in a well-balanced, high quality post. By balancing out your content you can make an engaging post for your blog or site while still keeping your SEO ranking based on how high quality content.

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Content Marketing

E-foreknowledge on reading about some article about SEO and other internet marketing stuffs, found an interesting fact which can also be mentioned as a Loophole in SEO. We couldn’t make it, whether it is a solution or not but it acts as an important part of Online marketing, which is so called as “Content – The King“.


While turning back its been a long travel were initially search engines don’t list website with any formulations, it was easier to get online results by writing website for search engines for online users. And at certain point of time, Google formulated an algorithm, in Feb’ 2011, where the first Google Panda algorithm released to help the audience provide right results without any spammy links. Then after 14 months after the release of panda, First Penguin Algorithm was released which focused on link building and content spamming. This lead many webmasters to think out-of-the box and implement new things to stay on the SERP, many thought SEO was dead, but they forgot there is something hidden behind these updates. And the actual fact is, SEO has evolved to the next stage and getting more professional.

None knows the formula how the search engine gets lists its website, if it is known, many webmasters would be jobless. So webmasters try doing  different approach towards SEO for getting listed in Search Engine Ranking Pages, once they achieved their traffic or ROI, they would suggest their formula of getting traffic in various communities and social media’s, but this won’t works out for all website, since there is been many points for a website to get ranked. This is how we concentrate on promoting website for each algorithm change.

But there is still simple formula for a website to getting listed and sustain its ranking. SEO today is to focus and find the audience intention instead of simply doing keyword analysis, website or competitor analysis. Know your website need, Know about audience intention towards the keyword and at last Content Marketing – Which makes the audience to come and stay with us. The actual purpose why audience use search engine is to get the right information through the so called “CONTENT“. Normally webmasters focus on targeted audience rather than global scale which is the main advantage and hence profiling with content marketing which falls in the first priority with regards to SEO, and also it is accepted to be the Future of SEO.

“Best the content marketing, Best the ROI”

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