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Adapt or Die : Why you changing your approach to SEO will be a necessity for the future.

First point of business is that even the best SEO practices will change regardless of our opinion. Getting into a set routine with your current strategy is an easy thing to do, but in this kind of industry set routines can mean ruin. New SEO techniques will have to be implemented in constant intervals to match the SEO approach of 2015 and the evolution of Google and other search engines in order to produce long-term success.

The good news is that understanding new SEO techniques isn’t exactly as hard as it sounds. So the sooner you get used to the SEO approach of 2015 the easier it will be to implement new strategies when needed.

Understanding the changes of SEO in 2015:

The first stage of evolving your strategy to match the advancements of search engines is by looking at how they change in the first place. By dissecting SEO into tasks and methods and then comparing the past requirements to requirements needed now, you can get a general look into what the SEO approach of 2015 is going to be.

Neil Patel from Quicksprout has created an info graphic on what SEO used to be compared to what it is now, click here to see (http://www.quicksprout.com/2014/11/07/what-seo-used-to-be-versus-what-seo-is-now/)


The mind-set of SEO:

The mind-set of SEO in 2015 is quite different than the SEO content approach of the past. While we focus more on a brands reputation and the quality of the product or service now beforehand it was mainly to focus on keywords and getting rankings. Some thought that getting to the spot on page one isn’t as important as keeping it.

Make no mistake however, ranking is important in marketing but now we increase our ranking through content and organic methods such as sharing, natural linking throughout the web and social media. This means how your brand is viewed can be more focused upon than it’s ranking.

Keyword mentality:

Like the mind-set of SEO in 2015 the mentality of keywords have changed from the mentality held in the past. SEO in 2015 relies on what the searcher types into a search engine now instead of focusing on a single keyword like before. Keyword intent and long tail searches are heavily focused upon, letting semantic SEO come into play instead of just using single keywords to get higher rankings.

An approach to content:

Content and its focus has changed quite a lot over the years, however its current approach is pretty much the same as the original goal content was created for; the reader. Content was originally created to engage the reader and the SEO regarding content should have been based on relevance to the reader. SEO in the past could rank well using the right amount of appropriate keywords whereas new SEO techniques focus on the relevancy to the reader and its quality in general.

This allows readers to get sites and posts based on how engaging a post is rather than just how many keywords you can shove into your content.

The best practices for link building:

Link building was usually done using the same methods as the SEO content approach of the past. Creating links filled with keywords and posting it on as many websites as possible was how some links were continuously built. However this method was frowned upon, as it did not follow white hat procedures.

Comparing the SEO approach of the past regarding link building to the SEO approach of 2015 is that the links must be earned through being a high quality page. Building relationships and building links from relevant and authentic sources are extremely important

Attitude to social media?

In the past social media wasn’t really used to promote brands because it did not count as a factor towards ranking in search engines. Now social media has advanced to be in league with SEO, while not directly affecting the ranking factor on Google, it allows companies to increase the reach to their audience and their visibility, becoming a necessity for marketers today.

What does it mean to you?

Adapting your strategy along to match search engines evolution is definitely the SEO approach of 2015, constantly improving and adding to your strategy is essential. New SEO techniques should not stagnate in the face of evolution, but change with it.


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Google’s New Update ‘Pigeon’ Effects On Local Businesses

Here at the E-foreknowledge Web design agency we pride ourselves in our wide range of web services for customers. While we at E-foreknowledge specialise in e-commerce websites and web design we are also a well-developed and well-known SEO agency in Birmingham!

As one of the leading SEO specialists in Birmingham we have to keep up to date when it comes to new updates in software. We have decided to enlighten our readers on the subject of Google’s new algorithm


What is Google’s new update about?

Google has recently released a new unnamed algorithm (which was quite cleverly given the name pigeon) that is said to provide a more accurate and relevant search / searches that are linked to a more traditional web search ranking when it comes to local results. The said changes will be visible within Google Web and Map search results.

Google has stated that this algorithm update has been closely integrated with the web search capabilities, which includes its search features such as synonyms, spelling correction, Knowledge Graphs etc. along with the use of the hundreds of ranking signals used in the web search.

Simply put, this means that the update should give us more relevant and local results to a web search, providing searchers a more useful and efficient experience while they search through the wide ocean of information that is the World Wide Web. At e-foreknowledge we recognise this and it can be seen as potential big news if your ecommerce site has a store locator feature or holds a physical presence in the real world.

How does it affect your business and what does the future hold?

Well as the algorithm has just recently been released it is hard to say exactly how each and every business will be affected. While some businesses have seen large changes when it comes to their search results (some are positive, some are negative), others see little to no change for now as the ecommerce sites aren’t associated with any physical stores. However, who is to say that this update hasn’t put things into motion regarding local search results? Rest assured that e-foreknowledge is keeping a close eye on this and we will react in real time to keep your business performing at a high level, we are measure by our results and most importantly our reaction to the ever evolving environment.

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/SEO.html

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