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Adapt or Die : Why you changing your approach to SEO will be a necessity for the future.

First point of business is that even the best SEO practices will change regardless of our opinion. Getting into a set routine with your current strategy is an easy thing to do, but in this kind of industry set routines can mean ruin. New SEO techniques will have to be implemented in constant intervals to match the SEO approach of 2015 and the evolution of Google and other search engines in order to produce long-term success.

The good news is that understanding new SEO techniques isn’t exactly as hard as it sounds. So the sooner you get used to the SEO approach of 2015 the easier it will be to implement new strategies when needed.

Understanding the changes of SEO in 2015:

The first stage of evolving your strategy to match the advancements of search engines is by looking at how they change in the first place. By dissecting SEO into tasks and methods and then comparing the past requirements to requirements needed now, you can get a general look into what the SEO approach of 2015 is going to be.

Neil Patel from Quicksprout has created an info graphic on what SEO used to be compared to what it is now, click here to see (http://www.quicksprout.com/2014/11/07/what-seo-used-to-be-versus-what-seo-is-now/)


The mind-set of SEO:

The mind-set of SEO in 2015 is quite different than the SEO content approach of the past. While we focus more on a brands reputation and the quality of the product or service now beforehand it was mainly to focus on keywords and getting rankings. Some thought that getting to the spot on page one isn’t as important as keeping it.

Make no mistake however, ranking is important in marketing but now we increase our ranking through content and organic methods such as sharing, natural linking throughout the web and social media. This means how your brand is viewed can be more focused upon than it’s ranking.

Keyword mentality:

Like the mind-set of SEO in 2015 the mentality of keywords have changed from the mentality held in the past. SEO in 2015 relies on what the searcher types into a search engine now instead of focusing on a single keyword like before. Keyword intent and long tail searches are heavily focused upon, letting semantic SEO come into play instead of just using single keywords to get higher rankings.

An approach to content:

Content and its focus has changed quite a lot over the years, however its current approach is pretty much the same as the original goal content was created for; the reader. Content was originally created to engage the reader and the SEO regarding content should have been based on relevance to the reader. SEO in the past could rank well using the right amount of appropriate keywords whereas new SEO techniques focus on the relevancy to the reader and its quality in general.

This allows readers to get sites and posts based on how engaging a post is rather than just how many keywords you can shove into your content.

The best practices for link building:

Link building was usually done using the same methods as the SEO content approach of the past. Creating links filled with keywords and posting it on as many websites as possible was how some links were continuously built. However this method was frowned upon, as it did not follow white hat procedures.

Comparing the SEO approach of the past regarding link building to the SEO approach of 2015 is that the links must be earned through being a high quality page. Building relationships and building links from relevant and authentic sources are extremely important

Attitude to social media?

In the past social media wasn’t really used to promote brands because it did not count as a factor towards ranking in search engines. Now social media has advanced to be in league with SEO, while not directly affecting the ranking factor on Google, it allows companies to increase the reach to their audience and their visibility, becoming a necessity for marketers today.

What does it mean to you?

Adapting your strategy along to match search engines evolution is definitely the SEO approach of 2015, constantly improving and adding to your strategy is essential. New SEO techniques should not stagnate in the face of evolution, but change with it.


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Responsive Website Design.

Increased use of mobile and tablets:

With the increased capabilities of smartphones and tablets they are almost as capable as a desktop PC. More and more people are not only accessing their emails and looking at their social media on them but running their business. This includes browsing products and services and even ordering and purchasing.

Responsive to design solution:

This change in the way people use mobiles and tablets means it is increasingly important that your website is responsive to design for the device that it is being viewed on. Previously the answer to this was to have 2 websites one for PCs and the other for mobiles, the BBC website being a good example of this. Now it is possible to have one website that responds and adapts. Potential customers are easily put off by non-responsive websites and will simply move on to a competitor.

Not just a shrunk version:

Responsive to design does not just mean the screen shrinks to fit the screen it means all content is kept whilst the layout is changed to make it more accessible and easier to read and navigate on the smaller screen. Take a look at our new website on your PC and on your mobile to see the difference www.e4k.co .

The stats:

Here are some stats from Smart Insights to show how mobile device use has increased:

  • More than 20% of Google searches are now done on mobiles.
  • In 2012 more than half of all local searches were done on mobiles.
  • In the USA 25% of people only access the internet via a mobile.
  • 85% of all emails are opened on mobiles and 10.16% on tablets.
  • In 2014 mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage.
  • 08billion out of 4billion phones in the world are smartphones.

Improved SEO:

Google, with a 67% share of the search market in 2013, have said they prefer responsive to design websites as one website for all devices makes it easier for their robots to crawl and index.  So without going into great detail SEO is affected by having a mobile site and a PC site rather than having a responsive site.

Are you driving customers away?

When people have to work harder to use a website on their tablets and phones because a site is not responsive to design they are likely to move on or not come back next time they are looking to purchase something  online.

Stay ahead of the competition:

The websites we produce at e4k are responsive to design. If you want to stay ahead of the competition get in touch to discuss your next website.

Gerard  January 2015

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Role of Quality Content in Bing Ranking

As google, millions of people use Bing to find the information. Initially, when a user types a search query, search engines gives a list of sites relevant to the search query but its not sure the users get the right information what he/she need?. Most of the content matching this query is low quality and hence these queries like this helps Bing to find authoritative, useful, well written and well presented content.

According to Bing, Three Pillars of Quality Content are,

Authority – Can we trust this content?

When the user searches a query in search engine, its not 100% sure he gets the right information. Hence Bing introduces certain factors that are used to determine the authority of a page. And this includes social networks, cited sources, name recognition and author’s identity.

Utility – Is this content useful and sufficiently detailed?

When considering the utility of the page, it’s not sure the content in the web page is useful and sufficient. Another important criterion in evaluating utility is gauging the effort and level of expertise required to generate the content. Websites serving unique content are preferred to those recycling existing data or widely available materials

Presentation – Is the content well-presented and easy to find?

A well-presented page will have an easy-to-read, accessible design, and will make its primary content easy to find. In contrast, poorly presented websites require the user to wade through introductory or unrelated material to access meaningful content.

Source : http://blogs.bing.com/search-quality-insights/2014/12/08/the-role-of-content-quality-in-bing-ranking/

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Small Businesses:

The presence of social media in businesses has expanded exponentially in the past few years. Most marketing experts and companies recommend social media marketing almost religiously as part of an overall strategy. Clients can become a little intimidated by this due to the pressure of having to produce content for their social media, all while not knowing the benefits that comes with a social media presence. So think of this post as a beginners guide to the benefits of social media marketing in small businesses.


Firstly, using social media reduces overall marketing costs by tweeting or posting content on Facebook in comparison to a paid advert or using printed media (leaflets, posters and flyers). While this is a good start up method for marketing, there are also more advanced options that rely on advertising tools that allow a demographic and keyword specific marketing campaign. Using both the free and paid for methods allow you to create a marketing campaign that matches your budget.

Another benefit is the impact that social media marketing can have on a businesses organic search results. Organic search results are results from search engines that occur via natural means such as how many views your site has, use of keywords and other variables etc. Businesses are usually told to optimise their content to make it SEO friendly and to make it more compelling for users. By having compelling content readers will be more willing to share and subscribe to your posts or site. Search engines notice social activity and take it into consideration in terms of ranking.

Additionally, by monitoring reader interactivity small companies can offer better customer service by reviewing feedback given by their audience. Using media platforms like Twitter or Facebook allows customers to converse with the business and vice versa. Along with better customer service, social media is a great way to establish your businesses personality. Providing a look into the company through an employee’s point of a view (behind-the-scenes information regarding your workspace and employees) can humanise the brand. This helps customers to connect with the company easily and can help to develop a loyalty to your brand.

Communicating with clients is just one way a company can use social media to expand their business audience, another way would be using social media to associate with other businesses on possible collaborations. From new distributors to possible business partners, using social media as an outlet to communicate with businesses that you wouldn’t normally be able to converse with can be a big advantage for small businesses.

We here at E-foreknowledge are running a bit short on time so we’re going to have to cut it short here. If you liked this post then share it around and make sure to keep an eye out for part 2 soon!!!

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Mike Tyson – The Undisputed Truth, Stockton’ 2014

Who is Mike Tyson:

Mike Tyson is an American retired professional boxer. Tyson is a former undisputed heavy weight champion of the world and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles at 20yrs, 4 months and 22 days old. Tyson won his first 19 professional bouts by knockout, 12 of them in the first round. He won the WBC title in 1986 after defeating Trevor Berbick by a TKO in the second round. In 1987, Tyson added the WBA and IBF titles after defeating James smith and Tony Tucker. He was the first heavyweight boxer to simultaneously hold the WBA, WBC and IBF Titles, and the only heavyweight to successively unify them.

Photo: Last week was awesome, working with Mike Tyson and Tom Patti. Tom Patti presents the UNDISPUTED TRUTH.

Tyson gold medals at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympic Games, defeating Joe Cortez in 1981 and beating Kelton Brown in 1982. Brown’s corner threw in the towel in the first round. He Holds the Junior Olympics record for quickest knockout (8 Seconds). He won every bout at the junior Olympic Games by knockout.

At the height of his fame and career in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, Tyson was one of the most recognized sports personalities in the world. As such, Tyson has appeared in myriad popular media in cameo appearances in film and Television. He has also been featured in video games and as a subject of parody or satire.

Who is Tom Patti:

Tom Patti has an insight into Tyson than anyone around the former heavyweight champion today. A former boxer himself, patti was there in the formative years, when Tyson the kids from Brownsville was transformed into a future champion. To him, Tyson is still the same person he was back then. Tom Patti is bringing the truth to Stockton. Tom Patti is a long-time friend of Tyson and Patti is the Stockton connection for Tyson. Patti and Tyson met early in 1980 while training for boxing in New York and after a successful boxing career, Tom Patti returned to his home town to begin his business career.

What E-foreknowledge did?

E-foreknowledge – a leading web design and SEO agency in Birmingham, UK. Already more than a decade old company handled well-versed clients got an opportunity to take care of online promotion of event, Mike Tyson – The Undisputed Truth, Stockton, CA in 2014. With the help of recent marketing trends and tactics, E4k started to explore the event through the social media platform and gain more visitors to the event.

Mike Tyson Stockton Tour must be a Milestone for E-foreknowledge, since Mike appreciated the promotional activities what we did to promote the event online within less period of time. And even Tom Patti who is running for the board of supervisors in 2016 brought the TRUTH to Stockton. Tom Patti is also happy with the results what we bought for him through online promotional activities and this paves the way for E4k to indulge in the next event too.

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/, http://miketysonusatour2014.wordpress.com/

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Do you know what exactly is the future of Content and SEO?

Here at the E-foreknowledge Web design agency we pride ourselves in our wide range of web services for customers. We specialise in a wide range of services from design to development, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. Recently due to algorithm updates the future of SEO (search engine optimisation) in regards to content and what measures should be taken to stop a decline in ranking.


When the topic of SEO is passed around usually one of factor are heavily discussed whether it is with clients, colleagues or just people that hold the same interest as a SEO specialist. Yes, I am talking about the key component to any site, blog or post known as content!

A majority of us online already know that ‘Content is king’, however, that phrase has evolved over time alongside search engine optimisation. What I mean is that before it was all about the QUANTITY of your content, but now it is about QUALITY. Some sites even get penalised by new algorithms because of the dubious amounts of low quality content they have on their pages. This was done to help out people searching for a particular site but ended up finding a site with a monumental amount of badly written content (if you have ever come across this you realise that it can be extremely frustrating at times).

Writing SEO friendly content is not hard to do, it does not have to be a large prose that goes on and on. SEO friendly content is just a body of text, images and media that is created with the thought of how a search engine might see it content. However with that being said, your content should always be written for your audience first and foremost and then balance it out to make it SEO friendly.

The future of SEO and content relies in meshing audience friendly content and SEO friendly content together in a well-balanced, high quality post. By balancing out your content you can make an engaging post for your blog or site while still keeping your SEO ranking based on how high quality content.

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Google’s New Update ‘Pigeon’ Effects On Local Businesses

Here at the E-foreknowledge Web design agency we pride ourselves in our wide range of web services for customers. While we at E-foreknowledge specialise in e-commerce websites and web design we are also a well-developed and well-known SEO agency in Birmingham!

As one of the leading SEO specialists in Birmingham we have to keep up to date when it comes to new updates in software. We have decided to enlighten our readers on the subject of Google’s new algorithm


What is Google’s new update about?

Google has recently released a new unnamed algorithm (which was quite cleverly given the name pigeon) that is said to provide a more accurate and relevant search / searches that are linked to a more traditional web search ranking when it comes to local results. The said changes will be visible within Google Web and Map search results.

Google has stated that this algorithm update has been closely integrated with the web search capabilities, which includes its search features such as synonyms, spelling correction, Knowledge Graphs etc. along with the use of the hundreds of ranking signals used in the web search.

Simply put, this means that the update should give us more relevant and local results to a web search, providing searchers a more useful and efficient experience while they search through the wide ocean of information that is the World Wide Web. At e-foreknowledge we recognise this and it can be seen as potential big news if your ecommerce site has a store locator feature or holds a physical presence in the real world.

How does it affect your business and what does the future hold?

Well as the algorithm has just recently been released it is hard to say exactly how each and every business will be affected. While some businesses have seen large changes when it comes to their search results (some are positive, some are negative), others see little to no change for now as the ecommerce sites aren’t associated with any physical stores. However, who is to say that this update hasn’t put things into motion regarding local search results? Rest assured that e-foreknowledge is keeping a close eye on this and we will react in real time to keep your business performing at a high level, we are measure by our results and most importantly our reaction to the ever evolving environment.

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/SEO.html

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