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Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Small Businesses:

The presence of social media in businesses has expanded exponentially in the past few years. Most marketing experts and companies recommend social media marketing almost religiously as part of an overall strategy. Clients can become a little intimidated by this due to the pressure of having to produce content for their social media, all while not knowing the benefits that comes with a social media presence. So think of this post as a beginners guide to the benefits of social media marketing in small businesses.


Firstly, using social media reduces overall marketing costs by tweeting or posting content on Facebook in comparison to a paid advert or using printed media (leaflets, posters and flyers). While this is a good start up method for marketing, there are also more advanced options that rely on advertising tools that allow a demographic and keyword specific marketing campaign. Using both the free and paid for methods allow you to create a marketing campaign that matches your budget.

Another benefit is the impact that social media marketing can have on a businesses organic search results. Organic search results are results from search engines that occur via natural means such as how many views your site has, use of keywords and other variables etc. Businesses are usually told to optimise their content to make it SEO friendly and to make it more compelling for users. By having compelling content readers will be more willing to share and subscribe to your posts or site. Search engines notice social activity and take it into consideration in terms of ranking.

Additionally, by monitoring reader interactivity small companies can offer better customer service by reviewing feedback given by their audience. Using media platforms like Twitter or Facebook allows customers to converse with the business and vice versa. Along with better customer service, social media is a great way to establish your businesses personality. Providing a look into the company through an employee’s point of a view (behind-the-scenes information regarding your workspace and employees) can humanise the brand. This helps customers to connect with the company easily and can help to develop a loyalty to your brand.

Communicating with clients is just one way a company can use social media to expand their business audience, another way would be using social media to associate with other businesses on possible collaborations. From new distributors to possible business partners, using social media as an outlet to communicate with businesses that you wouldn’t normally be able to converse with can be a big advantage for small businesses.

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Social Media Marketing in Birmingham

Here is a small video of website promotion (Part 1), Keep checking out this blog for additional videos.

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Social Media Marketing Company

E-foreknowledge is the leading Social media marketing company in Birmingham, UK. We are also specialized in Search Engine Optimization, Apparel Software development, Branding solution, Print media campaign, Email marketing, etc

Social media is the collection of various websites and other applications, through which a large number of people stay in touch with each other, interact and share information. Most of these websites rely upon user generated content and that’s the benchmark that separates a social media platform from other websites.

Social media is much wider than people often think about and can be very effective in driving traffic to your website or blog. This fact has been well acknowledged by online marketers and social media marketing has emerged as a specialized area that people focus on to promote ones online business or website. Various people employ various techniques and ideas to take advantage of social media but here are few steps that can form your invincible social media marketing strategy.

1. Identifying Right Websites

The web world has thousands of thousands of websites. And there are even thousands of social media sites. Not all of them bring the desired results. It takes time to create your profile on social media sites and then keep it updating and interacting with other users. You cannot devote your whole day doing this only. So, selection of few important social media sites is very crucial step of social media marketing.

You should better devote your time on larger sites because they ensure you large traffic volumes. These sites can send you high quality traffic, if you show your social media marketing skills effectively on these sites. You can also target general news sites such as Digg and Reddit when you develop a strong profile and can promote all types of content.

2. Be Regular

Make it a daily affair. When you create your profile on a social media site, people would love to hear from you regularly. Keep them updating with new things in your life or in your business. Don’t fail and delay to answer the questions that someone might have asked from you. Regular interaction is the key to social media marketing success.

3. Audience Appealing Content

Your content development skills are highly useful in driving traffic to your website from a social media platform. Your content should meet the expectations of the users on a social site. You need to devote your time and effort to write on something that users on a particular site would love to read. Once you generate a user’s interest in your content, they will show more interest in the products or services offered by you.
4. Networking Skills

Besides content creation, your networking skills are the other desired attribute to be a champion of social media marketing campaign. For networking, you can invite others for voting and leaving comments on your submissions. Try to add as many friends and accept other user’s friend requests as well. Your comment submissions on other user’s postings also help to develop a strong network

These steps of social media marketing will help you to promote your website across the social media. The one very important step of being successful on social media is being consistent on the social media sites where you have created your profile. Your regular updation and interaction will keep people interested in your offerings.

Source : http://www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk/Social-Media-Marketing.html

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Businesses have modified their methods of communication and the way they operate to accommodate interaction with getting involved with social media marketing. This is used as a way of getting in touch with consumers by way of the internet. Businesses are aware that the internet is powerful and is an ideal location for public gathering. Social media is considered as a way to maintain a firm relationship with customers that already exist and in the meantime gaining possible customers.
In case you are wondering what makes LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook marketing adequate for businesses, it is the simple fact that customers can be reached from all walks and areas of life. Businesses are able to adapt to the different needs of communities and countries. One of the major advantages of social media marketing is that they can adapt themselves to language differences. Because of this, it is quite easy to advertise and to reach subscribers from various languages from all over the world from behind a computer screen.
Another significant asset provided by social media marketing is the capability of businesses to divide customers in accordance to age, sex, location etc. This affords them the opportunity to get to every single section of the population. Companies can use the information relating to the different segments to make alterations or develop products to suit the needs of all the segments.
While Facebook marketing is more limited to social gathering of a friendly nature, other social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter are considered to be more business-centered. Facebook provides the opportunity to develop FanPages to attract companies and brands.  The features on this page are majorly different from the other Facebook pages because it is oriented towards only business activities. However, Twitter and LinkedIn essentially target business experts as well as their customers. As an indication of the importance of LinkedIn in the business process, it is reported that this social media harbours more than 70 million officially-registered users; it has been expanded into about 200 countries and is designed to display different languages namely French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
When email marketing is compared with social media marketing, it will be noticed that sites involved in social networking such as Twitter drives conversion rate to a higher level. Rather than sending emails to the hundreds of thousands of internet users who may not even know about the company, it is easier and more successful to tweet the endless number of Twitter fans who follow the company who may eventually become consumers.
A powerful search tool on Twitter called ‘Tweep search’ is offered free of cost. This provides the opportunity of searching and finding bio-data in accordance to particular keywords. For instance, a search keyword of a company could be the products that the company is marketing. At this point, it is possible to send friend requests to the search result content which further expose the product to a certain section of the community who may be interested.   Have a looking at www.e-foreknowledge.co.uk for more information about social media in Birmingham or Facebook marketing in Birmingham, UK.
If you are looking for further information or would like to speak to someone regarding your social media strategy and you are based in Birmingham then give e-forkenowledge a call for a free consultation.

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